Bonnie Charpentier understands the ACS from the ground up. As a board member, she has been very helpful at all levels of the ACS, especially for me, at the Regional level. When I co-chaired the 2008 Western Regional Meeting, Bonnie was instrumental in obtaining speakers, solving issues, and boosting attendance by promoting the Regional Meeting to the national ACS governance members. Bonnie Charpentier knows that every level of the ACS, whether it be at the Division, sectional, regional, or national level, is important. She has the experience and organizational knowledge to be an effective President of the ACS for everyone.
– Jeanette Van Emon, Ph.D., ACS Fellow, AGRO Councilor, AGRO Fellow, Co-Chair of the Western Regional Meeting (2008), and Past Chair of the Western Region Board

I am delighted to be able to vote for Dr. Bonnie Charpentier for ACS President! Bonnie has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience gained from many years of involvement in the Society. She has a finely-honed ability to develop a vision and translate that vision into a solid implementation plan, and is genuinely committed to improving the Society. I have seen her implement a vision many times, including when she was Chair of PA&PR and Chair of B&F. She is an inspiration to me because she expresses her views passionately and articulately yet maintains a collaborative working environment in which all views (including dissenting views) can be represented. I am excited to see what she does as President, as I am confident that she will be an exceptionally effective leader.
– Kristin M. Omberg, PhD, National Security Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Bonnie Charpentier has my vote as our next ACS President. I have known Bonnie for many years and I trust her skills and knowledge to get the job done. As an educator, I cherish Bonnie’s deep commitment to expand the educational efforts of ACS and to help build a diverse and inclusive chemistry workforce. I also know that, at a much needed time, her passion and experience at local, state and international levels will make her an effective advocate for science and education.
– Anna Cavinato, ACS Fellow, Chair, Committee on Project SEED, Councilor, Richland Section

I strongly endorse Bonnie for ACS President. Long a champion for health and safety in the chemical enterprise, her work is near and dear to my chosen career. Bonnie’s outreach to 2-year colleges is vitally important to encourage this pathway into higher education, particularly for Latina youth. And her long experience in the ACS affords her insight into how all the pieces fit together to support the Society’s goals.
– Debbie M. Decker, ACS Fellow 2014 and past Chair, Division of Chemical Health and Safety Safety Manager, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Davis

Bonnie brings a wealth of leadership experience to the post of ACS President from her service in both the local section and the ACS Board of Directors. I am particularly proud of her awareness and sensitivity to diversity challenges within the Society, and the need for the organization to attract more of the largest and most diverse generation in America today, the Millennials. She will be an asset to the Society at this critical junction in time.
– C. J. Bannochie, ACS Fellow and Chair, ConC Subcommittee on Diversity

In 2011, the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board evolved from the Joint Subcommittee on Diversity during Bonnie’s tenure as ACS Board Chair. She recognized the importance of open communications and invited D&I to engage directly with the Board of Directors during a critical formative stage, facilitating visibility and support of the great effort underway by many members working in the trenches to advance ACS core values.
– Teri Quinn Gray, Founding Chair of ACS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

Bonnie Charpentier brings deep knowledge of the challenges and unmet opportunities for the field and discipline of chemistry. Her extensive experience with ACS governance, leadership, and programs will stand her in good stead in leading the organization forward. More importantly, her career pathway has brought her in-depth knowledge of many other fields of science. At a time when chemistry must become more effectively integrative and synergistic with other STEM disciplines, Bonnie is the ideal leader to forge stronger connections and collaborations with partner scientific societies. As the organization’s President, she will continue our work to ensure that younger scientists pursue career opportunities in chemistry and its related fields. Bonnie remains strongly committed to making ACS and the field of chemistry a welcoming (and nurturing) place for young women and men with interest and aptitude for our discipline.
– Donna J. Dean, Ph.D., ACS Career Consultant and former national President, Association for Women in Science

Leader, visionary, motivator, innovator, committed, persistent are all words that describe Bonnie Charpentier. Having a passion for chemistry, she will make an excellent ACS President. I strongly endorse her for this position.
– Diane Grob Schmidt, Ph.D., 2015 ACS President

Bonnie’s leadership and experience are precisely what is needed for our ACS members and our profession. Having worked with her for many years, I know that her vision for our Society is influenced by careful strategic thought, and she implements her goals through an approach that is collaborative, encompassing, and guided by “the big picture.” She has worked tirelessly to form partnerships – at all levels of ACS governance – and this is an asset that is very much needed at a time when science is being challenged on many levels. Bonnie is a natural and caring leader, and I believe that she would bring to the ACS presidency many new ideas and perspectives, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for this position.
– Bryan Balazs, Councilor, California Section

Many of us aspire to have the accomplishments that Bonnie Charpentier has actually achieved. She is an authentic role model for women in science and I am glad to have nominated Bonnie for an award given by the Northern California Chapters of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS). Bonnie received the 2014 Sherrie Wilkins Award for Distinguished Professionals in recognition of her achievements and contributions to mentoring. This award is presented to a woman who continues to promote career development for women scientists, while her professional role has moved her to administrative or other spheres of influence.
– Martha Murari, Ph.D., RAC

I have known Bonnie Charpentier for years and years, and I can attest to her strong advocacy for chemical education and for research and development in the chemical sciences.
– Richard N. Zare, Priestly Medalist

It is my pleasure to endorse Bonnie Charpentier for president of ACS. Bonnie led a team of chemists and chemical engineers in creating interview workshops for university students. This collaboration between local ACS chapters and the local AIChE section has continued for over a decade. The workshops have fostered stronger relations between the professional chapters and student chapters and have also provided skills for students to better present themselves during their job search. Bonnie’s energy, ideas, passion made all the difference.
– Diane Spencer, AIChE Board of Directors 2014 – 2016

Collaborative and consistent – those are the words that best characterize Bonnie Charpentier. Bonnie is an exceptional leader who listens deeply, thinks creatively, and demonstrates her commitment to the advancement of science in so many ways. She has my vote for ACS President.
– Arlene Garrison, East Tennessee Section and BMGT Division

Bonnie epitomizes all aspects of a good leader: She has vision, a track record for implementation of good ideas and exhibits empathy and understanding. I have worked with Bonnie for over 20 years in both her professional life and her ACS work. She has always been a joy to work with and has delivered on all her commitments with a quality product and a wicked sense of humor. I strongly support her for President of ACS.
– Natalie McClure, Ph.D., Past Chair, Santa Clara Valley (Silicon Valley) local section

Dr. Bonnie Charpentier has been a dear friend and mentor to someone from a small private college. She has been a champion for chemistry since I met her in her enthusiastic support for students, academia and industry. She has worked relentlessly for her local section and regional areas in the ACS even when she was Chair of the Board. She understands the internal workings of the ACS and how to get goals accomplished with efficiency and teamwork. Bonnie would provide strong, competent leadership in a time when we will most need it. I strongly endorse Bonnie Charpentier as the next President of the American Chemical Society.
– Jetty L. Duffy-Matzner, Ph.D., Professor, Augustana College, Sioux Valley Section Councilor

I am delighted to endorse Bonnie Charpentier for president of the American Chemical Society. I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Bonnie for a number of years. She is a delightful person who also is an innovator, knows how to run a business, and is an excellent scientist. I have known Bonnie through ACS governance and the Division of Chemistry and Law. In addition, I have been impressed by her leadership and tenaciousness in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. Further, she has significant experience in ACS leadership, which for an organization as large and as complex as ACS, cannot be overemphasized. In summary, she has the energy, the experience, the leadership and the scientific expertise to be the very person we need as president of ACS.
– James C. Carver, Ph.D., J.D. Chair of C&B, past Chair and Councilor of CHAL

Bonnie has my vote for ACS President. She has the knowledge, skills, ability, and dedication to do the job and do it extremely well. She has served for many years as a member of the ACS Board of Directors, including as Chair of the Board and knows how ACS works. She has made enormous contributions at ACS at national, regional and local levels. She understands the industrial scientists, having spent many years from the bench to the executive suites, and this should be especially relevant for ACS industrial members. In view of her exceptional qualifications, outstanding business and professional experience, and proven leadership, I believe she will be an excellent ACS President.
– H. N. Cheng, ACS Fellow and POLY Fellow

This is Elaine Yamaguchi, a CA Section Councilor for over 2 decades, a current member of the Local Section Activities Committee, and Chair of the CA Section SEED Committee for about 35 years.  As you can tell, I have been around for awhile, and the ACS has changed over those years. Our next ACS president will confront some important issues: 1. Significant decline in ACS members who describe themselves as industrial  chemists over the last 25 years, 2. Significant loss of traditional lab jobs due to mergers and acquisitions, and 3. Significant added emphasis on STEM-related careers, including for those traditionally underrepresented in the chemistry field.

Bonnie has my vote for ACS President, since she has worked for gigantic to small size industrial firms, and understands their current challenges, thus being particularly equipped to address the question: what is the value of ACS to the company’s management and staff? Already Bonnie has addressed the second issue by participating in an ACS Webinar, which grew out of a “Careers Away from the Bench” panel, held at UC Berkeley on 2/14/17 on the same topic.  She was one of 6 women chemist representatives of this phenomenon at the Berkeley event, targeted at College of Chemistry students to inform them of the broad, chemical employment landscape.  Finally, she has led community outreach activities in her section, the Silicon Valley Section, dealing with the third issue through demonstrations of chemical phenomena for younger students in homeless shelters.

Plus, and this is important, she knows how ACS operates, having served on the Board for several years, some as its Chair. There she focused on communicating the value of chemistry through public outreach and established the first ACS award for 2-year college teaching. Many lower income students choose this community college route due to the high cost of education at 4-year universities.

She is prepared, experienced, and current; thus, she gets my vote and I hope yours too.
– Elaine Yamaguchi, Retired Industrial Chemist, ACS Fellow, STLE Fellow