Charpentier, Bonnie Ann
Santa Clara Valley Section
Cytokinetics, Inc., South San Francisco, California.

Academic Record
University of Houston, B.A., 1974; Ph.D., 1981


  • ACS Fellow, 2015
  • Shirley B. Radding Award, Santa Clara Valley Section, ACS, 2012
  • Founders Award, Workshop for Teachers, Santa Clara Valley Section, ACS, 2006
  • A. Ottenberg Service Award, Santa Clara Valley Section, ACS, 1998
  • Platinum Award, Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, ACS, 1998
  • Sherrie Wilkins Award for Distinguished Professionals, American Women in Science (AWIS) Northern California Chapters, 2014
  • Honorary Kente Cloth recipient, National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE), 2014
  • Mentoring Appreciation Award, Metabolex, Inc., 2008
  • Syntex Corporation Recognition Award: Individual, 1994, Team, 1992
  • University of Houston Departmental Teaching Award, 1980
  • National Merit Scholar, 1970-74
  • Iota Sigma Pi

Professional Positions (for past ten years)
Cytokinetics, Inc., Senior Vice President Regulatory, Quality and Safety, 2014 to date
Metabolex, Inc., Vice President Regulatory and Quality, 2007-14
Genitope Corporation, Vice President Regulatory, 2001-06

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Service in ACS National Offices

  • ACS Board of Directors, Director District VI, 2006-14, Chair, 2010-11
  • Councilor ex officio, 2006-14
  • Budget and Finance, 2007-16, Chair, 2014, Vice-chair 2008
  • Program Review Subcommittee, Chair 2015-16
  • Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members, 2015 to date, Vice-chair, 2016
  • ACS Board of Directors Executive Committee, 2007-11, Chair, 2010-11
  • Executive Director Performance Planning and Evaluation Committee, 2010-11, Chair, 2010-11
  • Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations, 2006-10, Chair, 2007-09
  • Committee on Planning, 2007-11, Chair, 2010-11
  • Board Goals Committee, 2006-08, Chair, 2007
  • Board Oversight Committee for Communications Strategic Plan, 2007-08, Chair, 2007-08
  • Committee on Grants and Awards, 2006
  • Board Liaison to Corporation Associates, 2012-14
  • Board Oversight Group on Society Program Portfolio Management 2013-15
  • Council Policy Committee (Voting), 2001-05, Vice-Chair, 2005
  • Committee on Nominations and Elections, 1995-00, Secretary, 1999-00, Vice-Chair, 1997
  • Committee on Local Section Activities, 1994-95, Committee Associate, 1993
  • C&EN Editorial Board, 2010-11
  • Governing Board for Publishing, 2010-11
  • Development Advisory Board, 2010-11
  • Advisory Group for New Ventures, 2010-11
  • Joint Board-Council Task Force on Governance Review, 2005-07
  • Board Task Force on Program Review, 2005
  • Local Section Summit, 2006, 2007
  • Regional Meeting Summit, 2007
  • Committee Structure Summit, 2007
  • Task Force on Enhancing Communications at Council, 2004
  • Task Force on Petition for Local Section and Division Support, 2002-03
  • Task Force on Committee Review, 2002

Service in ACS Offices
Member ACS since 1982

Santa Clara Valley Section
Councilor, 2016-18, 1993-05
Section Chair, 1997
Chair-Elect 1996
Public Relations Committee, Chair 2004-05
Long Range Planning Committee, 2001-03
National Chemistry Week Committee, 1996-05, Chair, 1998
Kids & Chemistry Committee, Chair, 1996
Volunteers in Public Outreach, Coordinator, 1995
KidVention Committee, 1992-00

Western Regional Meeting
Program Co-chair, 2013

Cincinnati Section
Chair, 1988-89
Chair-Elect and Program Committee Chair, 1987-88
Vice-Chair, 1986-87
Treasurer, 1985-86
Editor, CINTACS, 1984-85
Nominating Committee Chair, 1989-90
Long Range Planning Committee Chair, 1987-88
Trustee, 1989-90

Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Flavor Subdivision, Chair, 1990
Chair-Elect, 1989
Vice-Chair, 1988
Secretary, 1987

American Women in Science
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Chemistry Teachers
National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
BioScience Forum
Drug Information Association
Bay Area Compliance Discussion Group: Bay Area Clinical/Regulatory Roundtable

ACS Divisions
Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Biochemical Technology
Business Development and Management
Chemistry and the Law
History of Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Small Chemical Business

Related Activities

  • Roche Global Development, Vice President, 1999-01, Director, Regulatory Affairs, 1996-99
  • Syntex Research, Regulatory Program Director, 1993-95, Senior Manager, 1992-93, Manager, 1991-92
  • Procter & Gamble Company, Group Leader Analytical Chemistry, 1981-90, Chair, Analytical Symposium Committee, 1984
  • Plenary speaker, Sociedad Química de México, 2011
  • Symposium Organizer for ACS National Meetings, multiple divisions
  • Invited speaker, Women in Science and Engineering 16th Annual Conference, 2008
  • ACS Younger Chemists Committee Chemical Career Insights Program (Roadshow) Speaker, 1986-88
  • Pharma Leaders Meeting, 2010 to date
  • National Organization for Rare Disorders Corporate Council, 2016 to date
  • Cure SMA Industry Collaboration, 2016 to date
  • Founder of “Teach the Teachers” Workshop, Santa Clara Valley Section
  • Initiator of the “Shelter Project” outreach program for students in homeless shelters
  • Co-founder and Developer of Student Interview Workshop, joint project of Santa Clara Valley Section, the California Section and the AIChE NorCal Section; Advisory Board for NSF project, “Chemistry, A Pipeline to 21st Century Careers” at Canada College, 2008-10
  • Co-founder of the “Teacher Scholar Award” for two year college chemistry teaching, Santa Clara Valley Section
  • Co-founder of “Chemists in the Community”, San Francisco National Meeting, 2006, a joint project of the ACS Board of Directors, the Santa Clara Valley Section and the California Section
  • Instructor for University of California Extension Class in Drug Development 2008 – present
  • Instructor for “Tech Trek” at Stanford University, to encourage young women in science, 2008 to date
  • Presenter at the Sally Ride Festival, Stanford University
  • Presenter at “Science Night”, California and Santa Clara Valley Sections
  • Chemistry Merit Badge Instructor for Boy Scouts
  • Presenter at national meeting symposia (Division of Chemistry and the Law, and Career Services) on careers for chemists outside the laboratory
  • Trainer for Kids & Chemistry volunteers
  • Presenter, “Exploring Alternative Careers in Chemistry”, ACS Webinars 2017
    Mentor for Mentium 100 Program
  • Co-editor of two books: Polymeric Delivery Systems, ACS Symposium Series 520, 1993; Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Chromatography, ACS Symposium Series 366, 1988.

Professional History
My first job after graduate school was at the Procter and Gamble Company in Cincinnati where I was hired as a manager in analytical chemistry. In that role, I had the opportunity to learn from experienced and talented analytical chemists with expertise in many different techniques and approaches to solving problems. During my time at Procter and Gamble I was responsible for coordinating analytical support for several cross-divisional projects in development and carrying out basic research in analytical chemistry, methods development and standard analyses, with emphasis on molecular identification including mass spectrometry (GC-MS, LC-MS) and chromatography (GC, LC, and the then-new supercritical fluids chromatography. I supervised laboratories in the following areas: MS, light and electron microscopy, electrophoresis, and sensory analysis. I also served as Secretary, Corporate Recombinant DNA Institutional Biosafety Committee and Chair of the corporate Analytical Symposium. Besides being a lot of fun, I value my analytical roots for providing thinking and problem-solving skills that are useful across many disciplines.

While at Procter and Gamble I became interested in how new molecules are approved for entry into the food supply or as new medicines, the risk/benefit evaluation, and the regulatory process, and decided to move into regulatory affairs. A move to California was also being planned for my husband’s career, so I gave P&G 6 months’ notice and then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. ACS friends gave me contacts for chemists in the area, and one of those contacts resulted in a job at Syntex in Palo Alto, where I was hired to be a manager in Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls Regulatory. Once again, I was privileged to have knowledgeable colleagues to learn from, and was able to expand into other types of regulatory affairs and take on increasing levels of responsibility.

After Syntex was purchased by Roche, I stayed on and my responsibilities continued to expand to the position of Vice President and Site Head of Global Development for Roche. In that role I served on Regulatory Global Operating Committee and Palo Alto Leadership Team. At Syntex/Roche I oversaw the submission of original IND’s in several therapeutic areas, including anti-viral, immunosuppression, osteoporosis, oncology, respiratory, and urology and shared responsibility for the international approvals of several drugs, including Valcyte, Cytovene, CellCept, Boniva, Tamiflu, and Xenical.
Following the closure of the Roche Global Development site in Palo Alto, I worked in two small biotech companies – Genitope, which focused on development of personalized immunotherapies for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and Metabolex, in development of potential therapies for metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

I am now Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Compliance at Cytokinetics, Inc., in South San Francisco, California, a company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel small molecule therapeutics that modulate muscle function for the potential treatment of serious diseases and medical conditions. In that role, I work internationally with our corporate partners, Amgen and Astellas, and interact with regulatory agencies worldwide. I also work closely with patient advocacy groups, particularly for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) to partner to find treatments for these terrible diseases. Some of this work is geared toward producing “Voice of the Patient” reports to include the patient voices in drug development considerations.

At a Young Faces of ALS Fundraiser with Corey, one of our patient heroes.